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Science Safari©


Exciting, Participatory Science Enrichment Programs for Children!

Pre-K through 6th Grade

"Man loves to wonder and that is the seed of science" -- Emerson

Based in Dallas, Texas


Susan Campbell
Safari Leader

Susan Campbell is the founder of Science Safari©. Since 1994 she has presented lively, interactive science enrichment programs for thousands of children in many venues, including schools, recreation centers, museums, homes, businesses and institutions.

A lifelong lover of science, Susan's enthusiasm is always contagious with the children on safari. Whether it's a walk down the creek with a group of Little Leaguers and their parents, or an experiment with magnets and iron filings with kids in an afterschool program, Susan loves what she does -- and so do her eager young participants.

 Science Safari© is available in many formats, including but not limited to:

School Adventures
  • 1-hour presentation.
  • Highlight science. Call to discuss topics.
  • Jump-start the Science Fair season with a kickoff assembly!
  • Reward assemblies -- a treat for good student performance or behavior.

After-School Adventures
  • 90-minute presentations for up to 35 children.
  • Enrich your existing Extended Day Programs with Science Safari© enrichment programs.
  • Schedule multiple programs to allow time for extended projects and observations.
  • Project-oriented programs available.

All-Day, Multi-Class Adventures
  • Five 50-minute classroom programs, presented back-to-back.
  • Choose one or two topics.

Camp Adventures
  • Day camp or weeklong camps (5 days) -- 6 hours of Science Safari© each day!
  • Need enrichment for your one-day inservice and student holiday camps?
  • Science Safari© is the perfect program to enrich your Spring, Summer and Holiday Camps!

Family & Group Science Adventures
  • 2-hour presentation/workshop for up to 30 teams of children and adults.
  • Great oppotunity for shared science experiences.
  • Many fun topics available.
  • Go home with tools for continuing your study -- and a new partnership!
  • Perfect for youth and Scouting groups.
  • Affordable: as low as $7.50 per person.

Outdoor Adventures
  • Local, year-round Field Adventures for all ages.
  • Learn more about the nature of the Dallas area.
  • Affordable, old-time fun!
  • Call for dates, themes and prices of upcoming Outdoor Adventures.

Birthday Party Adventures
  • 1-hour presentation for up to 16 children, ages 5-12.
  • Tailored to your own child's special interests.
  • Includes fun age-appropriate craft or activity.
  • In your home, in your backyard, or in the park!

Special Events
  • 3 consecutive 30-minute programs.
  • Great for store promotions.
  • A natural for outdoor festivals!
  • Perfect for child-oriented events.
  • Fun show-and-tell, and hands-on science.

Teacher Workshops
  • 3-hour presentation for up to 40 teachers.
  • Many topics available.
  • Call to discuss your needs.
  • Affordable: as low as $15.00 per teacher.

All Science Safari© programs include materials.
Special request topics and themes are welcome, subject to additional costs incurred.
Call or email today to discuss how Science Safari© can kindle the love of science and nature in your group's budding Newtons! 

Unless otherwise noted, all photographs copyright Susan Campbell 2006, all rights reserved.