Contracting/Reference Documents

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Contracting/Reference Documents

End of the Year Thank You's...
from Foster Elementary

Here you'll find the required documents along with information about my company, articles and even letters from clients who have survived!
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Science Safari Brochure and Price List

Science Safari Background

Science Safari History

Science Safari Proposal Example

DISD P1-C Example

Criminal Background Check Results

CBC Policy Letter

Lakewood People Article

Proof of Insurance

SBA Small Business Person of the Year Nomination Letter

Science Safari Sole Source Letter

(Confidential) Science Safari Topics Key

City of Dallas Vendor Audit Review Letter

City of Dallas Thank You Letter

DMN Article-LOLA Project

Photo accompanying DMN article

DISD Science Dept. Thank You Email Message

Stone RC Letter 1995

FC Harris Letter 1999

(Note: this letter was written to me when I was Outreach Coordinator at the Museum.  It was actually my video microscope we used that day.  I rarely leave home without it!)

P Oaks RC Letter 2001

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