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Together, we're learning lots from our
Spider Habitat!
The habitat is built with reused plastic bottles.
Food for the spiders is generated in a built-in decomposition chamber.  Leftover human food becomes food and nursery for lots of decomposers, especially fruit flies. 
In turn, the fruit flies become prey for the predatory cobweb-weaving spiders.
We're watching the life cycles and behavior of American house spiders and fruit flies, and observing other decomposers, too.
It's fantastic to see the residents of our habitat, magnified with a videomicroscope and projected on the school's GIANT screen!  Wow!
The Members of the Club are keeping notes and adding information to our Log Book as we go.  They've been photographing the habitat and things related.  I can't wait to see their pictures.
When I left today, John was writing in the Log about the fight for territory he witnessed between two female spiders.  Amazing!
For more information, click below to go to CFBISD's McLaughlin Elementary Science Club page. 
It's very cool!

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Check out the Science Safari Gallery for another photo of the Spider Habitat from 2002.

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